Software designed for glass shops

Implementing good glass shop management software in your business takes the stress out of administrative work.

We understand that glass shops can be complicated businesses — work often progresses in stages and can be held up by external parties and suppliers. Generic job management software may not handle this well but Smart-Toolbox is a job management system designed specifically with the needs of glass shops in mind.

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Pricing that works the way you do

Generic point-of-sale software doesn't know how to calculate the cost of a piece of glass. Smart-Toolbox understands that edgework is priced per inch, holes and cutouts are priced per unit and that the cost of each will increase based on the thickness of the glass. It can tell you the weight of the glass in your job so you know if you need two guys on site to lift it, which in turn will affect your labor charges.

What does this mean for you?

Point-of-sale software for glass shops

Take your job from quoting all the way through to receipting in Smart-Toolbox.

With Smart-Toolbox, your installers will be able to generate quotes on site from a small laptop or tablet so long as they have internet access. These quotes are then visible instantly back in the glass shop — no more lost paperwork between the site and the office! Work orders can be generated from quotes and invoices generated from work orders — all are linked to easily see job progression and associated documents.

Smart Toolbox schedule screen highlightsJob scheduling for a modern glass shop

For many of the glass shops we talk to, job scheduling is often a massive headache for staff. Information is kept in different places, isn't kept up-to-date, or is only editable by one person in the team.

Smart-Toolbox takes the pain out of scheduling with the following features:


One database, multiple branches

Multiple branches of a glass business, or even multiple glass shops, can share a database in Smart-Toolbox. You can set pricing and processes across all of your branches for consistency whilst customizing logos and contact details as needed. Reporting is easy with the ability to view reports on each glass shop individually or compare them to measure performance and productivity.


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